Stand out in your industry

We take the time to truly understand your goals, your customers, your business, and your industry before we even begin designing. That knowledge is essential in telling your story and in positioning your brand. We understand your market and the problems you face.

We know technology

Below are just a few of the technology companies we’ve worked with.

cimquest manufacturing and software logo design
lenovo technology company logo design
vivitar electronics company logo design
Vivitar electronics technology company logo design
identity finder software company logo design
brainscape software company logo design
Belay Technologies logo design
inverness graham investment firm logo design
lugtrack tech company logo design
COTA healthcare tech company logo design
Expway telcom tech company logo design
odorox air tech company logo design
Relo logo design
dct digital cognition technologies company logo design
snapclose software company logo design

What they are saying...

“Aviate Creative has taken the time to understand our business, they know what's important to us and to our customers, and they conceive and execute thoughtful, impactful (and stunning!) design solutions... Not only is Aviate a creative company who delivers great results, they deliver good value, they are always on time and work with the highest integrity. And yes, they are very personable! Hire them today!”

Michelle Fiddler, Marketing & Business Development

cimquest technology and manufacturing company logo

“With my back against the wall, 5 failed designers and 24 hours to deliver on a project Aviate delivered the exact specifications in a matter of hours. What a life saver.”

Ron Ramsay, Founder

peervyne social media company logo

“We have worked with Aviate Creative over the past year for a full re-branding for all our materials - including a new logo, website, brochure, PowerPoint template and business card. Their design services were fantastic and they completed the work in a timely and efficient manner. We are extremely happy with the results and will continue to use them as new projects arise. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a branding expert.”

Courtney Comer, Director of Investor Relations

Inverness Graham Investments company Logo

“We received such great feedback on our ad – it was a home-run!!”

Liza Abrams, Senior Vice President, Global Licensing and Marketing

Sakar electronics company Logo

“The Aviate process moved at an extremely efficient pace to meet our needs and never suffered any quality. Aviate produced highly professional deliverables and became well integrated with our team throughout the process.”

Todd Feinman, Chief Executive Officer

Identity Finder software company Logo

“Aviate Creative is very well organized and responsive...Sales began to increase immediately upon the re-release of our website.”

Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO

Brainscape software company logo

“Paul leads a top-notch creative firm that consistently delivers high quality products - on time and on budget. Paul's team offers the unique combination of innovative design and superior project management ”

Judy Baliman, Marketing Manager

panther technology company logo

“Good communication and eye for detail...Project management, communication and schedule was perfect.”

John Entwistle, VP

Atlanta Drive Systems manufacturing and tech company logo

“Aviate Creative delivers modern designs with professionalism, timeliness, and creativity. I would recommend them to any company, regardless of whether they are a start-up or an established corporation.”

Nicole Janik, Principal

VerbQ educational company logo

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