Top Clearance Recruiting Promotion

Imagine you had so much business you had a problem finding enough employees to get the work done. That's the issue our client, Belay Technologies was facing when they came to us.

They initially asked for a flyer to promote a rock-climbing event they were hosting to recruit employees. The first thing we asked was, "What are you looking to achieve?" Was a flyer for a rock-climbing event going to solve the problem of finding new employees? Could we put our efforts on a piece that would be significantly more successful at achieving that goal?

We wanted to create something that would turn heads, look exciting, and speak directly to the prospect employee. We wanted to create something that would last well beyond one event and would be used at many events, job fairs, meetings, and locations.

Belay Technologies recruiting brochure design
best technology brochure and envelope design

Our solution was to create a brochure, envelope and retractable banner that would draw the attention of a qualified employee. The brochure was written and designed to look fun, adventurous, and appeal to a top-clearance government contractor. The brochure was designed to opened up into a quad-fold and was trimmed with an angle cut. The brochure was inserted into an airline-style pocket envelope.

Technology quad-fold brochure design
best technology brochure design open

Below is a quick video of the brochure showing how it looks as it's unfolded.

In addition we designed a retractable banner display to match the brochure. The banner is used at job fairs and other events.

Belay Technologies trade show display design
best technology trade show retractable banner design

Is there a challenge that your business is faced with? Give us a call at (973) 452-5072 and we can discuss some solutions. Also, let us know what you think about the piece in the comments below.

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